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WordPress › State of the Word.

Matt Mullenweg’s speech to the WordPress community, it’s got a lot of information on the current state of the software as well as its community, very interesting to watch.


HP To Apple: You Win. | TechCrunch.

That phrase was one of the first things that jumped to my mind today when I heard the news that HP was not only killing off their TouchPad and Pre webOS-based products, but also trying to spin-off their PC business. The largest PC business in the world, mind you.

After all, while HP may be the worldwide leader in PC sales with massive revenues, their actual profit from those sales has already been far surpassed by Apple. Further, while overall PC growth continues to contract, Apple’s Mac sales continue to grow and have outpaced the rest of the PC industry for 21 consecutive quarters. That’s over five consecutive years. That’s certainly another way to interpret ”Post-PC world”.

This is definitely the end of an era. Make WebOS open source and let the community continue to develop it?

How To Be a Candidate Recruiters Will Notice | Dice Blog Network.

Companies often have an employee, who over the years filled many roles and moved on. Instead of creating a job description based on need, companies create a job description based on that employee. We may have qualified applicants but the hiring manager will see that skill set, honed over years, as non-negotiable.

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Hopefully I can learn from my own failures as well as from the shared stories of others and grow from within.

I'm failing (and why that isn't so bad) When I graduated from college in 2009, I had a dream. I was going to live in Chicago, get a job at an Architectural firm, and work toward my license. Then after 3 years (license acquired), I was going to move to Italy, Rome perhaps. Probably rent a nice little villa or apartment. Here’s what actually happened: the economy tanked, I couldn’t find an architectural position, and I moved to Florida. In terms of achieving “my dream” I failed, BIG TIME … Read More

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Official Google Blog: Supercharging Android: Google to Acquire Motorola Mobility.

This is good news for Google during the time of Android being attacked by IP lawsuits.