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Hopefully I can learn from my own failures as well as from the shared stories of others and grow from within.

I'm failing (and why that isn't so bad) When I graduated from college in 2009, I had a dream. I was going to live in Chicago, get a job at an Architectural firm, and work toward my license. Then after 3 years (license acquired), I was going to move to Italy, Rome perhaps. Probably rent a nice little villa or apartment. Here’s what actually happened: the economy tanked, I couldn’t find an architectural position, and I moved to Florida. In terms of achieving “my dream” I failed, BIG TIME … Read More

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It was nice to catch up with my college friends, this time we had Japanese because of Raymond’s connection. Susu lost a lot of weight and looked great! Andy and Pofei brought Evelyn and she was cute and not shy at all, a “people-baby” just like her parents. Also listened to Pei and Roger’s stories of how they both managed to almost lose their engagement rings. Good night with wonderful companies.